Accelerating Part and Process Maturation – Boost your Competitiveness by Using Smart Frontloading Technology


    In this video you will learn:

    • Smart frontloading saves time in process engineering
    • State-of-the-art technologies predict feasibility, drawbeads, blanks and skid lines within minutes
    • Smart engineering is applied on real-life examples

    Why this video:

    Are you looking for a solution to further safe time during stamping process engineering? Are you curious which digital tools and methodologies are most effective for smart frontloading?

    This video addresses these questions and discuss acceleration potentials to boost your competitiveness.

    Using the example of a door inner panel we show how to optimize the draw operation while significantly reducing engineering time. Enhanced prediction capabilities for part and process feasibility, blank line, skid line and drawbead optimization will be presented.

    Your Presenters

    (Left) Leonard Krauss, Product Manager
    (Right) Christian Jendreiek, Technical Product Manager