Digital Integration of the Stamping and BiW Process Chains – New AutoForm Assembly Solution (Part 2/2)


    In this video you will learn:

    • Make virtual adjustments to assembly processes to resolve actual manufacturing issues
    • Use scanned part data productively to improve simulation analysis
    • Virtually optimize assembly processes during early equipment trials before beginning production

    Why this video:

    Achieving good BiW Assembly is a significant challenge, with so many parts coming together and a need to hold tight tolerances for high-quality products. Early simulation studies of assembly processes allow engineers to optimize results for production start-up; however, part variation due to materials, forming, handling, etc. can cause assembly accuracy to change over a long production run. Through use of scanned part data to capture actual condition of parts and adjustment to virtual assembly processes, simulation in support of production activities can find virtual solutions to return to the required accuracy level. This can eliminate costly trial and error studies that slow productivity.

    Your Presenters

    (Left) Todd McClanahan, Product Manager
    (Right) Natàlia Domínguez, Technical Product Manager.