Minimizing Production Reject Rates – Robust Production Processes for Hydroforming


    In this video you will learn how:

    • The AutoForm Accuracy Footprint prevents production failure
    • To guarantee minimum part reject rates
    • Hydroforming companies benefit from advanced simulation tools
    • Digital robust analyses go in line with Industry 4.0 targets

    Why this video:

    Experiencing unacceptable reject rates in production despite “ok” simulation results. Profits hit by unexpected production issues and downtimes caused by only slight fluctuations in process conditions.

    Does this feel familiar to you? Access the webinar recording to see – based on a real-life tube hydroforming example – how advanced simulation tools help to predict and prevent such undesirable outputs.

    Your Presenters

    (Left) Leonard KraussProduct Manager
    (Right) Giampaolo MoncelsiTechnical Product Manager