Part and Tool Compensation Methodologies to Achieve BiW Assembly Accuracy


    In this video you will learn to:

    • Identify most influential parts of an assembly
    • Compensate target parts to improve assembly accuracy
    • Utilize new compensated target geometries to compensate stamping tooling
    • Create high-quality tooling surfaces from derived compensation vector fields

    Why this video:

    For years, stamping simulation through AutoForm has afforded users the knowledge to develop fully engineered tooling solutions to optimize forming and accuracy of the resulting parts. Consideration of how these parts come together with many others in the BiW assembly process was a secondary issue, though experience shows that assembling near-nominal parts does not necessarily yield an accurate assembly. With AutoForm’s Assembly solution, users can now begin to understand the impacts of assembly and develop strategies to yield results of higher quality and accuracy.

    Your Presenters

    (Left) Todd McClanahan, Product Manager
    Gianfranco Ruggiero, Product Manager
    Jonathan Varner, Product Manager