Why mill what you know will be adjusted later?


    In this video you will learn to:

    • Easily create clearance for small radii of a draw die
    • Quickly create cast escape regions on a trim pad
    • Recognize the value of including relief surfaces as part of the die face design

    Why this video:

    The industry continues to push towards a full digital process. We want to simulate what will exist in the real die. This applies to fine details of the manufacturing process, such as adjustments to surface radii and other regions, which are not actively forming the sheet, and may increase skilled man hours to adjust. Use of unique software tools aimed at the die industry, can help this to be carried out in CAD even prior to NC cutter path creation. This can save valuable time before first tryout.

    Your Presenters

    (Left) Jonathan Varner, Product Manager
    Volkan Karakuş, Technical Product Manager