Meet Our Experts

Gianfranco Ruggiero

  • Digital Springback Evaluation, Minimization and Compensation
  • Robust Process Engineering and Quality Assurance
  • Smart Manufacturing: Tool and Press Shop Digitalization

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Mayank Gupta

  • Automotive BiW Cost & Value Engineering, Purchasing and Procurement
  • Digital Systems Integration and Automation in the BiW Process Chain
  • Process Optimization in Tube Bending and Hydroforming

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Intaek Lee

  • Smart Production and Process Engineering Techniques
  • Digital Modelling Methodologies of Materials and Forming Processes
  • Advanced Cold Stamping and Hot Forming Simulation Technologies

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Jonathan Varner

  • Stamping Process Design Workflow
  • Concept Tool Geometry Methodologies
  • Final Tool design and milling preparation

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Thorsten Brockob

  • Performance Optimization in Digital Engineering
  • Cloud Computing for Stamping and BiW Process Simulations
  • Remote Computing, Queuing and Parallel Processing

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Todd McClanahan

  • Digital Integration of Stamping and BiW Assembly Processes
  • Closure Hemming Simulation
  • Body-in-White Assembly Simulation

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