AutoForm Global Webinar: AutoForm Accuracy Footprint: Part II – Join for July the 28th!

How to Create a Digital Master to Achieve Accuracy and Precision

Model based system engineering or design is focusing to support zero failure production with the same level of precision and accuracy as in real production. AutoForm proposes to create an accurate Digital Master and to combine this with AutoForm’s accuracy footprint concept to meaningfully integrate physical (measurement) data and IoT technology.

The AutoForm digital master concept will be presented to show how such accurate simulation models may be created. Concrete stamping simulation examples will be used for illustration and explanation of the concept.

We offer 2 identical sessions on July 28, 2020.

If you attend this Global Webinar you will improve your conceptual understanding of overall accuracy and precision. You will learn how the digital master concept helps to improve the relevance and benefit of your simulation results for practical applications!


  • Opening
  • Short review of previous webinar
  • Background: Why model accuracy matters!
  • Accuracy index and process robustness
  • The digital master concept and examples
  • Conclusions and Q&A

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Registration July 28, 2020, Session: 9:00*  

Registration July 28, 2020, Session: 16:00*

*GMT +2:00 – Duration approx. 45min


Bart Carleer, Corporate Technical Director & Intaek Lee, Product Manager


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