Join the Webinar! 29th of October: See AutoForm-ProcessDesigner^forCATIA R8.1 in Action!

Learn How the Latest Version of AutoForm Can be Beneficial in Your Daily Engineering Tasks!

For all fans of, this is a chance to see this software in action as presented by AutoForm’s very own experts! Until recently, AutoForm has only offered webinars as reserved for customers-only. Now YOU can join! The webinar will be held twice on October the 29th presenting an inside look at AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA R8.1. Don’t miss!!

You have the challenge to translate your feasible concept into a CAD based process including all of the surfaces and curves needed for machining.  Learn how the new version of AutoForm- ProcessDesignerforCATIA can help you work more effectively, reducing your effort in tryout by validating your process with final tooling surfaces. Engineer and verify your process digitally before you start tool manufacture.

Find out how this update can provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from part preparation all the way to NC preparation.

The following new enhancements for AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA R8.1 will be highlighted during this webinar:

  • Zebra Line Analysis
  • Relief Editor
  • Clearance Fillet “increase” mode
  • Increase Fillet Definition
  • Compensation & Draw Beads


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • Update Product Strategy
  • AutoForm- ProcessDesignerforCATIA R8.1
  • Questions, Answers and Wrap up

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(Duration for each approx. 45mins)

*UTC + 2


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