We think in Sheet Metal


For the launch of our AutoFormplus R4 version in 2012 we adopted the motto of “Wir denken in Blech” or “We think in Sheet Metal”. Throughout the launch of that version we kept to the theme of how we, at AutoForm, “think in Sheet Metal”. Some who attended our global launch events and various local rollouts might remember the video visualizing this message. It was a challenge to clearly communicate that vision in a limited amount of time and space.

With subsequent releases of software updates and versimottoons we have used other mottos; for example “Streamline Sheet Metal Forming”. Here on the blog we revive the “We think in Sheet Metal” . After all, it is true; at AutoForm we focus only on those aspects of engineering directly associated with sheet and tubular metal.

It remains difficult trying to compress our ideas about how to address the challenges in sheet metal engineering into thoughtful slogans or mottos for presentations, websites, and brochures. That is where this blog begins; to create an outlet for AutoForm to start a conversation with the stamping world regarding the current solutions and future challenges to the metal forming industries; to build a community for our peers in the metal forming industry to share their views.

We look forward to hearing from all of you who find this site, and sharing experiences and concepts for how to advance the field of sheet metal product and process engineering. Feel free to join the discussion and follow the blog directly, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.



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