Hands-On AutoForm Training for Toolmakers in México: Experience & Takeaways

Eager young students entering the stamping industry are always looking for a head start, while stamping professionals want to remain relevant by consistently improving their proficiency. What are the most beneficial skills for an engineer in our industry today? How can you enhance your career as a stamping professional?

As part of the Schuler group, Cedual is a center that prepares students for qualification and specialization in the tooling and sheet metal industry, offering programs based on the German Chamber of Commerce standards (IHK).

They are collaborating with one of Mexico’s most important universities, Universidad Iberoamericana, to help sheet metal professionals develop their problem solving abilities. 

One of Cedual’s academic offerings is a diploma course on cold stamping processes with the objective of preparing students to participate in the Industry 4.0. The course teaches a wide range of topics, including the entire AutoForm stamping simulation process.

Here are some student responses when asked how they could apply the knowledge they acquired:

-“What I learnt helps me understand how stamping simulation software works and how to evaluate the results.”

-“Very useful for getting feedback on process improvements.”

Students not only learn about stamping process simulation, but also how it connects to real-life benefits. One student said, “We learnt how, by simulating a stamping process, we can save resources such as time and money by predicting the behavior of the sheet.”

The classes offered at Cedual keep students up to date with the most advanced technology in the industry. As a result, they enter the field with a significant advantage, feeling fully prepared to meet current industry standards. 

Another student added, “Thanks to what I learnt, I will be able to better comprehend the necessary simulation reports.”

With the next generation of stamping professionals learning about digital evaluation processes, companies can apply these new technologies widely, leading to better results and increased savings.

If you would like to learn more about the entire AutoForm stamping simulation experience, be sure to follow all our webinars, (subscribers to FormingWorld.com receive webinar updates via email) and contact your local AutoForm office to find out about local events happening near you. 



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