Three Volkswagen Women Have Their Say on Women in Stamping

Celebrating International Women’s Day in the BiW Stamping & Assembly Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid transformation, fueled by innovation in technology and the changing face of its workforce. Women are playing a key role in this evolution. This is part three of our Women in Stamping Series, celebrating equality and opportunity.

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As more women enter the sheet metal stamping industry, they become role models, inspiring others and helping to break down stereotypes associated with technical careers. Additionally, the challenges women have historically faced in gaining access to opportunities have driven many to go above and beyond in skill development. As a result, they are highly sought-after in the job market and are reshaping both managerial and technical positions with their innovative ideas. This underscores the importance of gender equality and diversity within teams, recognizing female participation as key to the industry’s continued evolution.

Today, to celebrate international women’s day, we hear from

Statement from Laura Solis Tomaz da Silva, Milling Machine, Tool Shop at Volkswagen do Brasil

Fig. 1: Laura Solis Tomaz da Silva – Volkswagen

Over time, the presence of women in the automotive sector has become more common, bringing many benefits to this traditionally male-dominated environment. This increasing diversity provides us women with more courage and determination to seek out different opportunities and break down barriers. Representativeness has become a powerful tool for social transformation. The idea that women can do whatever they want, wherever they want, is gaining more traction every day, thus increasing the number of women in the automotive sector.

Statement from Jessica da Silva Pereira, Tool Design Preparer at Volkswagen do Brasil Tool Shop

Fig. 2: Jessica da Silva Pereira – Volkswagen

Today, we see women conquering their space within the automotive sector, not only in administrative roles but also in technical areas. Women are now in charge of project management, operating machines, and designing tools, among other roles previously dominated by men. The evolution of the sector benefits from this representation, as it opens doors for talented women.

Statement from Bianca Monteiro Passagem, Toolmaker at the Volkswagen do Brasil Tool Shop

Fig. 3: Bianca Monteiro Passagem – Volkswagen

My name is Bianca, and I am 23 years old. My journey in the industrial sector began in 2016 at Senai Volkswagen, where I completed the Apprentice Mechanic and Mechatronics Technician course. Following the course, I was fortunate to be hired in the Toolmaking area. I then pursued studies in Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and was the only woman in my class to graduate. Currently, I work in the Try Out sector of the Tool Shop, where my duties include adjusting dies and operating cranes and forklifts. After five years in this sector, I can confidently say that every day offers new learning experiences from my colleagues.

It’s gratifying to work in an environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can contribute our ideas and experiences. Women are equally capable of undertaking the same training, roles, skills, and responsibilities as men. We have the power to achieve what we want, wherever we want, with applied effort and dedication. I’m proud to work at Volkswagen, largely due to the growing commitment to inclusion and opportunity I’ve witnessed in recent years, as well as the ability to express my viewpoints and be recognized for the professional I have become.