AutoForm at the CHS2


See Our Systematic Process Improvement Approach on June the 4th-7th, Atlanta U.S.A

In order to improve the set-up of industrial press hardening processes, companies and researchers are spending remarkable efforts on the design and positioning of cooling channels. Following the increasing demands for modelling options, AutoForm has implemented corresponding features in their codes. Now, by means of tool cooling the hot stamping process virtually reaches a quasi-steady state after thermal cycling. Modelling cooling channels in FEA simulation facilitates a more accurate prediction of the position and dimensions of hot spots on the tool surface. Thus, AutoForm will show at the CHS2, held on June 4th-7th in Atlanta/GA – United States how they can influence forming results.

An approach how to determine the impact of the cooling media current condition on the temperature distribution in the tool components will be exemplarily introduced at the conference. The same is presented for varying cooling channel layouts. The sensitivity of quality relevant result measures like thinning, hardness and thermal distortion with respect to the computed temperature fields will be evaluated.

Importantly, a strategy for improving the part quality by means of the Systematic Process Improvement approach is going to be presented to our audience. So take the opportunity to engage with our staff attending the conference. You can discuss the use of our software solutions, enriched with hints and tips coming from expertise gathered in many projects – e.g. hot stamping of aluminum-alloys, tailored rolled blanks or patched blanks.

“A proper understanding of how the cooling channel layout and the cooling media current’s conditions can affect the temperature distribution in the press hardening tools and subsequently the final quality parameter of the part is important for decision making on necessary modelling efforts and computation time for analysis.”
Michael Düring – Product Manager




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