Join the AutoForm Global Webinar: Consistent Tool Design Workflow and Process Development This February 03, 2021

From First Part Data to Final Die Face Design

The industry continues to move towards a Full Digital Development Process methodology and “frontloading” of critical engineering investigations.

How will you improve your digital simultaneous engineering process?

One of the hurdles that must be overcome, is the creation of stamping process geometry earlier in the design cycle.

We will demonstrate how this can be realized.

Come and explore how you can benefit from streamlining the development of your stamping processes.


  • Digital Process Twin Overview
  • Geometry Workflow Overview
  • Part Feasibility and Planning
  • Full Process Feasibility Concept
  • Next Steps
  • Conclusions and Q&A

We offer two identical sessions on February 3, 2021.

Please sign up here!

Registration February 3, 2021, Session: 9:00* (Duration approx. 1 hour)

Registration February 3, 2021, Session: 16:00* (Duration approx. 1 hour)

*GMT +1:00 (Duration approx. 1 hour)


Jonathan Varner (Product Management)


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