Hot Stamping and Progressive Die Simulation in AutoForm R7


As you may have heard the new AutoFormplus R7 has been released.

So what upgrades does it bring? This blog post is about two major enhancements.

AutoFormplus R7 delivers the next level of process simulation by offering new functionalities at your fingertips. You’ll get higher flexibility and efficiency in process set-up and final validation for all forming processes. But AutoFormplus R7 has taken great strides in improving the planning and simulating of the progressive die process and hot stamping functions. Let’s take a closer look.

Hot stamping

More strength, greater complexity of shapes and reduction of springback effects. Process simulation and validation capabilities have been expanded through the latest cutting-edge features of AutoFormplus R7.

The latest improvements for efficient simulation of hot stamping processes include:

  1. Consideration of 3D heat conduction in the tools. Choose between constant tool temperatures during the whole process, cycled temperature behavior and ramp up cycling.

  2. Different cooling channel layouts can easily be evaluated to analyze the variation in temperature distribution on the tool surfaces. Hot spots on the tool surface can now be easily detected and controlled.

  3. New analyses types have been implemented allowing for realistic cycle simulation of the process and reducing computation time for transient analysis.x

“By taking advantage of the new features of AutoForm R7 engineers now have access to easy set-up for the quick generation of accurate results and data for hotforming processes. As requested by many costumers, cyclic thermal conditions of the tool components that are embedded in the entire process model and their impact on the final part quality are now predictable in a technically suitable manner. In addition, users can benefit from all the advantages coming along with the full integration of the features in our widely proved GUI and the embedded cross-connectivity to various efficiency-enhancing tools – such as AutoForm-Sigmaplus.”
Michael Duering, Product Manger.

Progressive Die Stamping

AutoFormplus R7 incorporates the latest advancements in progressive die simulation and stamping validation. Its’ newest features for prog die planning and simulation are:

New blank plan feature allows for a much better process overview. Now you can define the exact trim lines and the trimming sequence. Easily add trim lines and check the operation.x

New bend plan feature allows users to intuitively define, step-by-step, the modification of the geometry.x

New option to represent the complete strip with geometry in every station. This option is available either in the planning phase or in the evaluation phase.x

Shared tools: the user can define tools (such as lifters, webs) that are used in more than one station (operations).x

Kinematic check: possibility to enter the velocity curve of the tools.x

Automatic tool to operation assignment according to tool position and blank pitch.x

Operation boundary editing, pitch definition, webs input.

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