Evolving Hemming Process Development

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AutoForm users have long been able to complete hemming studies using the inner and out parts of the closure. With the launch of AutoForm Assembly in 2021, users quickly became aware of the significance of developing their hemming processes while assembling all parts within the closure, accounting for tolerances, gravity, part springback and hemming impact. We now move towards an evolution in hemming process development with improved process definition methods, improved gluing implementation, and better handling of scanned part geometries among the many capabilities.

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Video duration approx. 1 hour

Content of this video:

  • About the benefits of using AutoForm Assembly for hemming process development
  • To design reliable and robust rolling and/or table hemming processes, including tooling geometry
  • To identify influential parts within the assembly which can adversly affect quality of the completed closure
  • How AutoForm Assembly can improve your organization

Your Presenter

Todd McClanahan, Product Manager

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