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The Video Portal and Community Users of ProcessDesignerforCATIA|
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Welcome friends and readers,

For users of AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA this blog post shares insight into the Video Portal which offers a range of interactive training videos and updates.

During a live demonstration something interesting happened. An Application Engineer was demonstrating the capabilities of ProcessDesignerforCATIA when suddenly a customer expressed how much easier it was to perceive the functionality of new features in live demos as opposed to written explanations.

See the preview below of the Video Portal and get a sneak peak of how the members’ dashboard looks and what the videos look like. Watch over our shoulder as we log in. We recommend you maximise the video for full effect.

Based on the feedback and meetings the goal was set: AutoForm would distribute specialized knowledge videos for ProcessDesignerforCATIA by delivering timely-tips and use cases for beginners, as well as catering for more advanced users by providing recommended solutions for characteristic problems and best practice examples. Most important, the portal should be user friendly.

In-house production kicked off, with three sample movies being produced in mutual exchange with customers during the autumn of 2014. As a result of the positive feedback obtained from high-profile users further developed continued, aiming towards a fully fleshed Video Portal on a hosted platform.

Then beginning in 2015 our Application Engineers set to testing the platform, leading to a successful external launch in the second quarter of 2015 with selected customers. Now the portal is fully available to all customers who are still joining in. The movies are produced 100% in-house, and a small team has been dedicated to producing the best possible videos in both German and English.

Customers need not worry. The aim of the Video Portal is not to replace the support of local AutoForm offices, as phone and on-site training will not be cut back. Instead the portal aims to complement existing support by offering a readily-available video series and community at your fingertips. Now customers have access to training 24/7, no matter their time zone.

I came across Khan Academy in the US, who just wants “to provide a free, world‑class education for anyone, anywhere” and I thought we can use these tools and ideas to better educate/support our users.” Anton Haas, CFO and Deputy CEO

Features of the Video Portal

The objective of this portal was to offer a simple tool that is user-friendly.

Once you log in you’ll see small and full screen modes, and as an interactive add-on you can rate the movies as a user. Thanks to user tracking any newly added videos will appear highlighted on your account, indicating what has been added since your last login.

Inside there are three ways to search for movies:

  • PROCESS DESIGN view offers a step by step series in keeping with typical steps undertaken in die design, perfectly allowing a process designer to follow the workflow from scratch.
  • PART sections all videos according to specific parts. A typical part is a door inner or a fender.
  • WORKBENCH orders the content as per the software PD functionality

Within each category new movies will be highlighted for individual users.

Quick Reference Guide Available for Members

Another bonus feature is the QRC. This stands for the ‘Quick Reference Card’ and is available download (for R6 & R7) for members. It serves to provide an overview of all software functionalities available per particular release, identifying features by icon. This particular feature is useful for beginners but also for experienced users wanting to know more about ProcessDesignerforCATIA software updates.

Lastly there is the Newsflash. Here users receive periodical news about newly added movies or any other news surrounding ProcessDesignerforCATIA including previews of new software releases. Your news flash subscription can be managed directly within the Video Portal.

In summary the Video Portal provides a platform for AutoForm users to receive our expertise and knowledge for the usage of AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA product.

The movie base is continuously growing due to demand and you can participate in the AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA community. If you are not already part of the community kindly contact your nearest AutoForm office, representative or agent for registration, or visit our website by using the following link: https://videos.autoform.com.

“It was a delightful experience contributing to the development of the Video Portal for AutoForm-ProcessDesigner forCATIA. The Video Portal expands the presence of the existing customer support to a new level of self-study possibilities and knowledge sharing based on the individual users requirement and availability.” Melanie Gabriel, Project Manager Strategic Products



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