Addressing Aluminum Challenges at Aluminum Week China 2017


Sharing Discussions on Simulating Aluminum in China

The use of aluminum parts in cars helps to overcome today’s challenges of automotive industry such as lightweight construction particularly for EVs, higher energy efficiency and sustainability, increasing passenger safety and meeting tightening regulations. In China, aluminum is a key dynamic topic this year since OEMs are significantly increasing the quantity of aluminum parts in conventional vehicles and several new electric vehicles (EV) OEMs launched on the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2017.

While these advantages of aluminum are appealing, there are challenges to be overcome as well. The robust process window is significantly tighter compared to steel and particularly compensating springback effectively from stamping to assembly is a practical challenge.

Peter Koenig, Head of Consulting from AutoForm Germany gained experience in this very field over the complete process chain of stamping over the past two decades. In addition, he already led several projects in China. Therefore, he visited our Chinese branch for our hosted “Aluminum Week in China” to exchange expertise with the Chinese market.

We conducted two interactive seminars for our customers and selected partners on May 10, 2017 in Shanghai and May 11, 2017 in Beijing. The interest was overwhelming, as proven by lively discussions and a record-breaking 77 participants in Shanghai and 56 in Beijing. In addition, workshops with customers were held including the “1st CJLR-AutoForm Aluminum Forming Workshop 2017” in Suzhou, Jiangsu.

Peter Koenig introduced the background of aluminum forming compared to steel and transferred this knowledge into practical guidance on how to systematically handle the forming process. Key questions were springback behavior compared to steel, problems with aluminum, aluminum in process planning and recommendations for aluminum simulation in AutoForm. Last but not least, he introduced options on how AutoForm can help our customers build up expertise for aluminum forming through our software, local Application Support and the AutoForm consulting team from Germany.

We aim to make this “Aluminum week” a kick-off for further cooperation projects with our customers over the next months and years. Thanks a lot to our customers! Much appreciation to Peter Koenig! We are looking forward to continuing developing aluminum technology in China together with you!

Christoph Weber
Business Development Manager, AutoForm China


  1. Hello everybody, nice article. It is very interesting topic. It is possible get guidance on how to systematically handle the forming process for aluminum part or recommendation from side of AutoForm?


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