Dassault Systèmes & AutoForm: Successful Tool Design at Volkswagen

Revisiting Volkswagen’s Tool Shop Selection of
ProcessDesignerforCATIA  as Their Tool of Choice

During the past decades AutoForm created solutions to cover the engineering of car body parts along the  entire process chain, acquiring  an impressive know-how and establishment in the sheet metal forming industry.

Some years ago we at AutoForm identified a bottle neck in the Process Design task, which led to the idea of our current product named ProcessDesignerforCATIA.

The creation of the real tool surfaces in CAD environment and their subsequent validation from the engineering point of view is an iterative process that can be really time and resource consuming. Quality surfaces must be kept high even though they go under several revision and reworking before being released for CNC machining.

A straightforward connection between CAE engineering and tool design (CAD) to streamline and standardize the entire process of tool surface creation was highly required and missing in the metal forming industry.

That’s when AutoForm met Dassault Systemes to discuss about the creation of a solution that could meet and be compliant with users needs. The know-how in metal forming and the know-how in creating CAD quality surfaces had to find a common ground and a synergy to generate a solution that merges these two worlds, making them collapse one onto the other.

Therefore in this blog post we’d like to congratulate those involved in the partnership between Dassault Systemes and AutoForm in the joint venture creation of ProcessDesignerforCATIA.

So far the feedback has been nothing short of brilliant.

With a press release: ‘Volkswagen Tool Shop Selects AutoForm ProcessDesignerforCATIA as Their Software of Choice’ we decided to highlight this success with this blog post.

But firstly, what does ProcessDesignerforCatia do?

As Ken Short, VP Strategy and Marketing, SIMULIA from Dassault Systèmes stated:

“This project combines AutoForm’s expertise in sheet metal forming process simulation with the powerful design functionalities of CATIA V5 as well as CATIA V6. CATIA users will greatly benefit from AutoForm’s new product. It allows them to create the die layout, which includes not only deep drawing, but also all subsequent trimming and forming operations, without having to leave the CATIA environment. As a result, CATIA’s position in the tooling field will be strengthened.”[1]

Here is what two AutoForm team members involved in the project had to say:

“AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCatia combines the know-how of two companies, Dassault and AutoForm, resulting in a software product with genuine added value for process design work by making it faster, more standardized than before without losing the desired level of precision and quality. This has been achieved through the team work and collaboration of both parties, who will continue their success in supporting their mutual customers.” Melanie Gabriel, Project Manager Strategic Products, AutoForm.

“I was a member of the project team from the word ‘go’ and was responsible for the Technical Product Management. During that time we learned a lot, had countless workshops, discussions, formulated great ideas and despite having dark rings under the eyes we manifested a unique product with an innovative and highly productive new design methodology. With AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCATIA We closed the gap in the sheet metal forming process between AutoForm process simulation and tool & die manufacturing. A comprehensive AutoForm application from early feasibility studies to the final, high quality CAD process design surfaces, ready for CNC-machining is now possible thanks to Dassault Systemes and this venture.” Joachim Müllerleile, Senior Development Engineer (Product Design) AutoForm.

Once more, we’d like to acknowledge with utmost gratitude the team at Dassault Systemes and our AutoForm members involved for their initiative and excellence in adapting two powerful functionalities for empowering customers like Volkswagen and others.

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[1] http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/11/prweb4801484.htm



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