Material Data Standards for Digital Stamping Processes


How to Achieve Consistent Quality 

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The mathematical material description (material card) is vitally important for engineers to make the right decisions in terms of eliminating potential risks (systematic and random errors) and to ensure a robust manufacturing process. This is just one fundamental requirement of a simulation and yet the material cards are rarely understood by their users. Furthermore, they can have dramatic effects on the generated results and as a direct consequence, have a negative impact on downstream costs and production robustness.

It’s not too late to see the webinar video recording and discover the reasons behind these deficits and learn how to tackle them.

In this webinar video, you will learn about:

  • Achieve simulation accuracy by following digital quality management principles
  • Understand how to generate a material card
  • Realize the impact of the material card selection on the simulation output


  • Opening
  • Simulation & quality management principles
  • Material cards and their role in the accuracy of simulation results
  • Closing and Q&A

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Your Presenters

(Left) Intaek Lee, Product Manager
& (Right) Andy Walker, Senior Technical Product Manager

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