Digitalization of the Stamping & BiW Assemebly Procss Chain


    In this video you will learn:

    • Use physics-driven digital twins to predict BiW production outcomes
    • Connect the virtual and real worlds
    • Assess the benefit potential of full digitalization of your process chain

    Why this video:

    The fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – is all about the creation of “Cyber-Physical Systems”, i.e. the connection of digital technologies with the physical, real world. What this means for the automotive BiW process chain, why digital twins play a key role in this transformation process and some other key success factors will be the subject of this webinar. Learn more about the implementation of full digitalization concepts and discover the opportunities provided by digital process twins!

    This is for automotive managers and decision makers responsible for stamping and BiW engineering, tryout and production operations looking for practical information to support their digitalization and Industry 4.0 implementation efforts.

    Your Presenter

    Jochen Hambrecht, Senior Business Consultant