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Now you can reach the worldwide sheet metal community by posting your content here

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ormingWorld invites you to feature your brand, research and success stories on our platform through submitting your articles to post on this blog, giving you access to our targeted audience specifically interested in sheet metal planning and forming simulation.

FormingWorld is hosted by AutoForm, the industry’s leader in sheet metal forming simulation. We have the best traffic and reader audience from followers at LinkedIn and Facebook. However, not only is our blog published to subscribers – it is further incorporated in our customer newsletter (real tool makers and OEMs who use AutoForm for part design).

One of the biggest benefits of writing with us is also that our Japanese and Chinese offices translate this blog into their languages.

Ultimately you will receive our valuable traffic to your site and services.

Why do you need to submit your story?

FormingWorld is the prime source of information for research, technology and software releases for the sheet metal forming simulation industry. Our readers, from many countries, include CEO’s, CFO’s, venture-capitalists, developers, technical managers and end-users. In short; this platform offers you the opportunity to reach the right people.

Branding Your Expertise is paramount to any venture’s success. Whether you are launching a new product, startup-company or want to position yourself as an expert in your field – you can leverage our audience to strengthen your personal identity or brand.

Students Become Known by publishing their work. What better way to launch your career than to have your thesis and research already out there? By the time you approach your desired company your research will already have strengthened your identity as an upcoming go-getter.

Become One of Two Types of Contributors at FormingWorld. Guest bloggers post one off items and are welcome to post with irregularity. Contributors have the option to regularly roll out content, have more access to support from our end and get their own featured page. Your feature page is a unique page dedicated to featuring all your post, giving you more coverage.

As a guest author you will not be paid for your submissions, but we will publish your two line bio with your story/article along with a link to your website or contact details.

What type of post do we accept on FW?

At FormingWorld we accept the following post:

  • In relation to sheet metal forming simulation/materials:
    • Research papers, project updates, project results and invitations.
    • Industry insights, interviews, events and stories
    • Quality information on aluminum and steel.
    • Case studies are highly valued by our audience.
    • See the categories on our website for hotforming, stamping etc. themes.
    • The use of simulation software (including any brands) to demonstrate results and resolving forming issues.
  • In relation to products and branding:
    • Articles and interviews on software tools and functionalities.
    • Yes, it is allowed to promote the use of your own simulation brand and product on FormingWorld. Mentions of your software should be tied to use cases, examples etc. rather than blatant promotion.
    • Interviews, success stories and customer stories.
  • In relation to student posts:
    • University submissions, research papers and results.

Our interests include, but are not limited to:

Stamping, part & process feasibility, blank shape, material utilization and blank cost, risks of splitting and excess thinning, wrinkling, early feasibility evaluations based on part geometry, blank development, embedding and nesting, stamping processes, cost estimation, planning and bidding phases, tooling, geometry features (e.g. flanges, holes, edges), input CAD part data, trim curves, press orientation and cam angles, die face design, simulation parameters, mapping workflow into simulation data, stamping issues, draw-in evaluation, surface imperfections, digital stoning, optimization and robustness, eliminating part rejects, shortening tryout times, process window analyses, noise and variability of process parameters, deep drawing tools, filleting sharp edges, part radii modifications, determination of tip-angle, wiper and form tools, development of flanges, evaluation of trim angles, tool quality, hemming operations, material deformations, hemming defects, material overlaps and material roll-in, roll/conventional die and table top hemming, clamping fixtures, simulation and result accuracy, springback compensation, die face wear protection, deep drawing, re-striking, trimming and flanging operations, springback simulation and compensation, hot stamping, quenching, phase transformation during quenching, thermal distortion after cooling, tube hydroforming, surfacing tools, CAD surfaces, CATIA etc. etc.

If your idea is not on our list please submit your idea for consideration.

What is the submission guideline?

  • Being a platform for publishing research papers as much as articles we understand that some submissions have already been published. In this case not all content needs to be unique.
    • Already published white papers, university publications etc. may be published on our website as a PDF attachment within a unique blog post.
    • The unique blog post should be from 800 to 2000 words, introducing the research.
  • All other blog posts that are not research papers must be unique, not published before or after on any other website. Submitted content should be original and not merely a modified version of other content.
  • Please select the position of your links. A maximum of two links is allowed per article to your site.
  • You are welcome to promote your FW blog post on any website/social media site.
  • Before you submit, please note that:
    • Your article should be edited.
    • You must have permissions to use the images included.
    • Site all sources for quotes/images.
    • You must have obtained all necessary permissions to mention any brand, company, organization or their products in your post.
  • Recommended worth length 1200 words, however research papers may be longer.
  • Avoid using too much industry jargon, our readers range from beginner to expert.
  • Include graphics or videos, at least two graphical references.
  • Please send a proposal first to the email-address
    • It is recommended you send us a brief outline of what you plan to contribute, so that you do not spend time writing an article which might be rejected or has already been covered.
  • AFW may change the title and subtitle of your article.

Blog posts we don’t accept

FormingWorld is about quality content and helpful information. It is not an advertising platform, therefore we do not accept articles that read like brochures or market your product too strongly. That being said, we understand that companies have their own objectives. Therefore when including product mentions, these must be secondary to the story and embedded in the content; which might cover for example a case study or solution. See our own case studies under the ‘Customer Stories’ category to understand how these may be presented.

Therefore posts we do not accept are as follows:

  • Too much self-promotional content for your site, product or service. You should write to provide helpful information rather than promotional. Yes, any software brand is allowed.
  • Blog post containing affiliate links.
  • Content that misrepresents facts.
  • Copyrighted or modified content. Please ensure it truly is original (apart from research papers, which are embedded into post as a PDF).
  • Negative reviews of competitors.

How to structure your article for submission

Please use the following format to structure your article:

  • Title:
  • Short description:
  • Meta description:
  • Main body: 500 to 2000 words recommended.
  • Links: include hyperlinks already embedded into your Word document.
  • Author bio: two lines for Guest Bloggers and five lines for Contributors.

Submission Timeframe

  • Please notify us with your intention to submit an entry at least 5 weeks in advance of a desired publish date. If no specific publish date is sought, we follow an editorial calendar, which may coincide with the topic of your entry. We will group your entry in the optimal content sequence, and provide you with a draft deadline.

What happens after you submit?

After you submit your blog our social media team will review your content. We shall ensure it follows our guidelines. If it is rejected we will recommend changes for approval. Once approved it is then uploaded to the AFW blog. You will receive a preview link to see the post before it is published.


  1. AutoForm reserves the right to remove articles violating our quality guideline at any time.
  2. We reserve the right to modify/edit your headlines (including minor changes to the text) which will be sent to you for final review.
  3. You reserve the right to request removal of your content at any time.

Ready to send us an article?

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