What is an Anonymous OEM Story?


An Introduction to Revealing Once Secret Projects

Sharing project results is not always easy in the world of simulation. With several customers wishing to remain anonymous the public is often left in the dark concerning some of the greatest achievements in the world of sheet metal forming simulation.

Now, with our Anonymous OEM Story section, this blog will cover those stories, detailing the purpose of these once hidden projects and their results.

In the past many such details were not only highly prized, but were also coveted, as we are dealing with improved production times and competitive edge. In order to provide more information to the greater community these stories are now published in full.

An anon-success story covers all the engineering details you need. Customer names etc. remain hidden, ensuring the focus is on the delivery of forming methodology, including details like:

  • Economic and technological advantages customers have achieved with forming simulation technology, which otherwise would not become known to our greater audience.
  • Very up-to-date information, since the approval process for joint publications often takes months to be cleared, this section will show the latest projects.

Told from the side of those involved in the simulation project, these ‘hot off the block’ details may clearly be revealed. They are never fictional stories and always describe real projects with real customers.

Now that the gates to Anonymous Customer Stories have been opened we look forwards to increasing your in-depth perception of what is truly occurring in our industry.

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