Join the AutoForm Global Webinar: Increasing Quality and Savings for Tube Forming Processes for September 3, 2020

Systematic Solution for Successful Part Optimization – a Hydroforming Success Story

When working on a proper process layout, a common struggle is as follows: The process itself has already reached a reasonable level of quality, but the part still shows some areas with e.g. high thinning values that are out of tolerance. In addition, the tube still indicates some material saving potentials, which cannot be ignored because reducing part costs is crucial. So how can these issues be solved?

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Systematic process improvement vs. the trial & error approach
  • Saving time and money when optimizing tube forming processes
  • Solving quality and cost-relevant issues in just one loop


  • AutoForm – Who we are and what we stand for
  • How to systematically improve tube forming processes
  • The chances to fail
  • How to solve quality and cost related challenges
  • Conclusion and Q&A

We offer two identical sessions on September 3.

Please sign up here

Registration September 3, 2020, Session: 9:00*

Registration September 3, 2020, Session: 16:00*

*GMT +2:00 – Duration approx. 1 hour.


(Left) Leonard Krauss, Product Manager
(Right) Giampaolo Moncelsi, Technical Product Manager.


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