Join the AutoForm Global Webinar: Is Compensation Complex? 7 September, 2023

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • At least one methodology to manage a complex geometry modification 
  • The key steps for creation of compensation surfaces
  • The final steps to validate your compensated die face surfaces

Just create a vector field between the sheet before and after spring back, invert the vectors and apply that transformation to the die geometries, done!  But that is not really the case in  many situations.  As you all have chuckled to yourself reading this description, you may be reminded of some past experiences of frustration while creating compensated surfaces.  It is not easy, and even more so when the desired compensation involves both draw shell and regular compensation in the same process.  Come join us to review a complex compensation example, where we will apply a methodology intended to make the process of compensation easier and efficient.

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Registration September 7, 2023, Session: 9:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
Registration September 7, 2023, Session: 16:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
Central European Time (GMT +2:00)

Who should join:

Engineers and Managers, which have a responsibility for designing and building stamping dies. Specifically those engineers and designers that work with or have access to CATIA to create and modify their die face surfaces and other tools.

Your Presenters:

Jonathan Varner, Product Manager (Left)
Volkan Karakuş, Technical Product Manager (Right)

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Learn more about Jonathan here.