From Concept to Final Die Face Design

Utilize Powerful, Easy to Use, and Customized Functionality to Create Your Process Designs

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From the outside, creation of die face surfaces can be viewed as a straight forward task.

For example, an addendum in a certain region must be created providing a trim shelf while minimizing material use. So why is this more than what it appears? Within the details and history of any one design, it becomes clear that the design must also be matured before completion.

Every construction is constantly evaluated and modified. It’s not too late to see a demonstration of this powerful product for process design of forming operations within CATIA.

In this webinar video, you will learn about:

  • Flexible and easy addendum creation
  • Creation of transition regions between main addendum segments
  • Part design change management – before and after compensation


  • Introduction
  • Addendum Creation Example
  • Connection between Addendum segments
  • Update of compensated geometry after part design change
  • Summary and Q&A

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Your Presenters

(Left) Volkan  Karakuş, Technical Product Manager
(Right) Jonathan Varner,
Product Manager

Our process design expert, Jonathan Varner is also open to inquiries on LinkedIn.


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