Kickstart Your Stamping Process Feasibility by Using Smart Frontloading Technology


Accelerating Part and Process Maturation

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Industry 4.0 is characterized by increased digitalization, thus for the stamping industry, the focus is now shifting to robust process engineering, and from single-part feasibility to assembly feasibility. This results in huge savings during tryout and production, but this requires more upfront engineering efforts.

In this video, wel demonstrate a state-of-the-art front-loading methodology that can assist stamping engineers in getting a matured starting point of advanced feasibility engineering, with a clearer understanding of the draw design criticalities and of the inputs required like blank shape, drawbead distribution and so forth. This can result in significant time savings in designing and validating a feasible process for stamped parts. The time saved through this methodology can be used to focus on other critical engineering activities at a later stage.

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Video duration approx. 1 hour

Content of this video:

Using real-life examples, we will demonstrate:

  • An efficient frontloading methodology to kickstart your stamping feasibility studies
  • A digital tool to quickly estimate the feasible process window for a die design
  • State-of-the-art technology to reverse engineer critical inputs like blank shapes, TWB lines, patch blank shapes, etc.

Your Presenters

(left) Mayank Gupta, Product Manager
(right) Christian Jendreiek, Technical Product Manager


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