Increasing Crash Safety of BiW Assemblies

Press hardened tubes manufactured by Hot Metal Gas Forming (HMGF)

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Hot stamping processes of sheet metal produce lightweight and high-strength parts. By extending this technology to tubular parts, engineers achieve ever-higher strengths with an additional reduction in number of parts and car weight. In this video, we focus on simulating press hardened tubes with the Hot Metal Gas Forming (HMGF) process. Learn how simple it is to get to valuable information about required process parameters (times, pressures, temperatures) and final product results (tube thickness, hardness, phase fractions) early in the engineering process and more.

Finally, the simulation results can be used in both, crash as well as assembly simulations to predict the real behavior and guarantee a safe production and an increased crash safety of BiW assemblies.

What’s covered:

  • Different Hot Metal Gas Forming process routes and their advantages
  • The importance of simulation to predict process times, final hardness and phase information
  • How press hardened tubes reinforce your assemblies

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(Left) Leonard Krauss, Product Manager
(Right) Giampaolo Moncelsi, Technical Product Manager

You may also contact Leonard Krauss on LinkedIn to find out more.


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