Smart Engineering Enabling Smart Production at Volvo Cars


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The quest for “Zero Production Failures” has been a focus of many automotive part producers during the past years – suppliers and OEM’s alike. High output and high cost efficiency are crucial to keep the pace and compete at high levels. Smart Production can be a means to accomplish the mission as long as the term “Smart” implies the adoption of a production control system capable of predicting and preventing failures. But prediction does not automatically imply prevention. In order to build the foundations for the smart factory to stand upon, process engineering work must be as “smart” as it can be.

In this webinar we will explain what “Smart Engineering” is and how it is applied to press shop operations using real-life examples provided and presented by Mats Sigvant, Technical Leader Sheet Metal Forming Simulations at Volvo Cars.

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Video duration approx. 1 hour

Content of this video:

  • How engineering can effectively reduce the risk of failures in production
  • How Smart Engineering and the Physics-Driven Digital Process Twin support this goal
  • How the prediction capabilities of Smart Engineering are used at Volvo Cars to optimize production

Your Presenters

(left) Gianfranco Ruggiero, Senior Product Manager, AutoForm
(right) Mats Sigvant, Technical Leader Sheet Metal Forming Simulation, Volvo Cars

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