AutoForm’s HotForming & Accuracy Expert: Intaek Lee


Introducing Intaek Lee

The digital process twin is true insurance. My vision is to help OEMs establish their smart engineering processes using a physics-based model that allows the assessment and control, and prevention of the volatility, of the engineered quality.” Intaek Lee, Product Manager, AutoForm


Supporting digital product development processes:

  • Digital product verification of manufacturing process engineering following a process approach for risk assessment and control.
  • Digital manufacturing validation of BiW stamping and assembly.
  • Creation Steps of physics-based digital twins.

Digital accuracy campaign:

  • AutoForm Accuracy Footprint and Pareto Principle as models for AutoForm’s strategy.
  • Manufacturing process engineering-centric architecture for qualified data creation.
  • Physics-based engineering system removed from the document-centric system.

Published papers

  • 2022 “Eliminating Scrap in Sheet Metal Stamping Production: In-Line Process Control Anchored in Smart Engineering” International Manufacturing Technology Show, Digital Manufacturing 2022. Chicago USA.
  • 2022 “Smart Engineering – Key Enabler for Smart Production” Mercedes-Benz Digital Product Forum 2022. Stuttgart Germany.
  • 2019 “Smart Tool Design toward Mass Production” The magazine of Press Technology, Vol.57 March 2019.
  • 2018 “Accurate Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Coupled with Advanced Friction and Lubrication Modeling” The Japan Society for Die and Mold Technology.
  • 2011 “High Fidelity Springback Simulation and Compensation with Robust Forming Process Design” The 8th International Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet metal Forming Processes. Seoul Korea.
  • 2011 “Forming Limit Prediction and Combined Failure Prediction for Metastable Materials with Temperature and Strain Induced Martensite Transformation” The magazine of Press Technology.
  • 2010 “Computer Aided Method for an Associative Process Layout Generation and Tooling Cost Calculation” Proceedings of Symposium of Japanese Society of Die and Mold Technology.
  • 2010 “Proposed Optimal Forming Process Simulation of High Strength Truss Core Panel” Proceedings of Conference of the Korean Society for Technology of Plasticity.

Webinar Presenter:

  • 2022 “Achieving Smart Engineering Using Software Standards: How to accelerate the transformation to Smart Engineering.”
    2022 “Digital Twin Applications in Today`s Automotive BiW Process Chain: Understanding the relationship between stamped part and BiW assembly quality.”
    2022 “Digital Twin Applications in Today`s Automotive BiW Process Chain: Digital Applications for Process Engineering”
    2021 “Achieving Process Accuracy Using Advanced Solver & Evaluation Standard.”
    2021 “First Things First: The AutoForm Pareto Principle – An Easy-to Use methodology to ensure consistently accurate simulation results.”
    2021 “Material Data Standards for Digital Stamping Processes: Material cards and their role in the accuracy of simulation results.”
    2020 “Quality Assurance of Patchwork Blanks in Hot Stamping Part II: Process window and accuracy target.”
    2020 “Quality Assurance of Patchwork Blanks in Hot Stamping Part I: Achieving accuracy and consistency along the entire process chain.”
    2020 “AutoForm Accuracy Footprint Part II: How to create a Digital Master to achieve Accuracy and Precisio.n”
    2020 “AutoForm Accuracy Footprint Part I: The concept of accuracy footprint and application cases.”

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The digital process twin is true insurance.” Intaek Lee, Product Manager, AutoForm.

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