Stamping Process Engineering – Get the Tool Right at the First Cut


How tool makers benefit from a comprehensive application of digital dies compensation

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Time. Money. Quality. Always factors! Die milling and subsequent adjustments play against them! A way to deliver quality in time, in-budget all the times is to avoid recuts and reduce die adjustments to the minimum.

Tool engineering processes play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Evaluate and predict as much as possible in the digital world to avoid costly and time-consuming trial & error activities in the real world!

Let’s go through these tasks together and discuss whether they are performed in your company, since the common goal of engineering is to simulate what can be built so that tool shops can build what was simulated.

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Content of this video:

  • What pre-requisites must be fulfilled to perform tool compensation
  • How to evaluate different digital compensation strategies and go for the one that actually reduces time & cost in tool shops
  • How to implement digital die spotting in the die manufacturing process

Your Presenter

Gianfranco Ruggiero
Senior Product Manager