Masterclass Highlights Video! AutoForm Expert Talks Tool Tryout!

Part 1: Presentation from the Automotive Engineering Expo

In this blog post we reveal highlights of the exclusive tryout masterclass presentation seen only by those who attended the Automotive Engineering Expo 2019 as presented by AutoForm Product Manager Gianfranco Ruggiero. This is part 1 of a 2 part series. Part 2 covers the Hemming Masterclass. See the video below for a rare inside view of AutoForm’s tryout solution and its functionalities.

The Automotive Engineering Expo (AEE) focuses on car-body engineering and construction, and represents a solid point of reference for the “state of the art” solutions in car manufacturing. Hence, the air was buzzing with exchanges and activity. Besides the introduction of our latest functionalities as implemented our well-known CAE solution, this year we officially introduced to the (AEE) audience something they had never seen before. For the first time they saw a software solution which aims to offer more effective support to the “real” tool tryout processes.

AutoForm Product Manager Gianfranco Ruggiero was our speaker at the Masterclasses event organized by AEE, held within the exposition area. Gianfranco firstly introduced the concept of “building a bridge between engineering and tool tryout,” based on our software solution called AutoForm-TryoutAssistant. Attendees were taken a “virtual” tryout experience.

Take a peek at the Masterclass event presentation on AutoForm-TryoutAssistant:

Exploring the main steps of the tool tryout process, attendees could get their hands on the software and enter the process parameter information that is usually gathered right next to a real tryout press. They practiced determining the “current” status of the project and used the software process and interface to evaluate effective countermeasures for any possible real issues that would occur on real panels. Essentially they learnt how to “easily” deal with issues tryout teams usually deal with.

The automotive industry surely represents an everlasting challenging market segment that continuously evolves and where all operators have to keep the pace and always being up-to-date to improve and be competitive. And as operators of this market segment also we, at AutoForm, always try to improve and offer state-of-the-art software solutions that help car body parts process engineers in exploring and finding better solutions.

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*Cover image source; AEE 2019 NürnbergMesse.


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