Getting Your Blanks Right

Determining Optimal Blanks to Reduce Risk and Ensure Profitability

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“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” This ancient quote from Confucius is more relevant than ever. Early planning of stamping plays a major role in today’s business since BiW total cost have to be controlled very tightly. In the face of increasing CO2 taxes, even more ambitious cost saving targets and a need to lower maximum permissible weight, the right software tool helps you identify the maximum savings with complete cost structure transparency.

It’s not too late to see the webinar recording and discover:

  • The importance of early planning
  • Which influencing factors are relevant for stamping parts correctly?
  • How can parts correctly be planned?
  • How to identify cost savings potentials in early planning?


  • Introduction
  • The impact of early planning
  • Correct blank determination for stamping
  • A real-life example: Planning an automotive hood
  • Closing and Q&A

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Your Presenters

  • Leonard Krauss, Product Manager
  • Alan Stimac, Technical Product Manager

Leonard Krauss is available on LinkedIn for further inquiries.


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