AutoForm Global Webinar: Dimensional Accuracy in Sheet Metal Forming Part II

Getting Ready for Tool Manufacturing

Continuing our exploration of engineering activities regarding springback management, this webinar focuses on the challenges encountered in defining an effective tool compensation strategy – particularly on the selection of final springback countermeasures aiming at delivering parts within the targeted dimensional tolerance.

  • Compensation processes – virtual vs. panel springback measurement
  • Virtual springback measurements – what do we measure?
  • Definition and validation of the tool compensation strategy
  • Importance of ensuring stable springback behavior and preparing the tools for manufacturing


  • Dimensional Accuracy – what it is and how to ensure it
  • Compensation in stamping processes
  • Measurement of springback
  • Compensation strategy and result evaluation
  • Tool geometry and final process validation
  • Conclusions and Q&A
Presenter: Gianfranco Ruggiero

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Duration approx. 50min

*GMT +2:00


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