Digital Die Spotting: How Franci S.r.l. Streamlines Their Tryout Process

How tool shops can benefit from an accurate application of the digital die spotting

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Reduce time-to-market or the overall lead time is a priority of many (if not all) carmakers. When considering the whole stamping engineering and production process, despite the highly advanced usage of simulation software, there is still a fundamental procedure that is mostly run manually: Die Spotting! What is it? What are the challenges? How we, in the digital environment, can shorten the time needed to deliver a perfectly spotted tool to production? These are the questions we’ll address together with the large experience of an Italian toolmaker Franci S.r.l. Book a seat!

What’s covered in the video:

  • How to turn die spotting challenges into opportunities
  • How to evaluate different strategies digitally and effectively reduce time & resources in the tool shop
  • How Franci S.r.l. implements digital die spotting in the die manufacturing process

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Video duration approx. 1 hour

Your Presenters

(left) Gianfranco Ruggiero, Senior Product Manager – AutoForm
(right) Achille Perego, Tool Tryout Expert – Franci S.r.l.

Gian is also open to inquiries on LinkedIn here.


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