Accelerate Your Stamping Process Feasibility Through Geometry Ideation and Systematic Improvement

Knowing what you want to make, and making it could be separated by too much time

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This is a primary roadblock to completing early feasibility while fully investigating other criteria of your process plan.  It is no longer about formability alone. Bigger decisions are expected and are indeed possible to make much earlier in the process compared to many years ago. Technology carries us into new and expanded topics of interest within a very old industry.

In this video, we address some common issues related to how to achieve a fully engineered process in a minimal amount of time.

What’s covered:

  • The basic steps and attitude for creating die face concept designs
  • How to connect geometry modifications to a systematic simulation approach
  • How to recognize when and when not to apply these techniques and tools

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Jonathan Varner, Product Manager

Jonathan is also open to inquiries through LinkedIn.


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