How to Bridge Stamping Engineering, Tool Tryout and Production

Bring in-quality tools to the production plant in time – by matching reality to simulation!

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Designing a Robust Manufacturing Process in the virtual world of simulation is a crucial step.

Getting a good start on simulation is always the best we can aim to. But is that all? Is it really enough to ensure quality and efficiency downstream and in the overall stamping process?

Performance, quality, and cost-effectiveness are company-wide approaches; in other words, every department must do its homework to reach this common goal.

In this video we continue the journey started earlier by stepping into the tool shop and the production plant.

First stop: Tool Shop. We will evaluate today’s tool tryout activities and how they must be carried out to deliver in-quality die lines that reflect engineering intent as closely as possible.

Final Destination: Stamping Plant. How can process simulation data support press operators to resolve issues that occur due to real-life variation of process parameters? We will go through some real application and simulation data to give an overview of what the future may hold for production line control.

Access the webinar video on demand to learn to:

  • Create digital predictive tryout data to optimize tool tryout activities and ensure engineering intent by making simulation-driven tool modifications
  • Create and use simulation data to control quality in production and reduce unplanned downtime
  • Get a head start and find out where the automotive stamping industry is heading

Who should view:

Engineers and managers responsible for stamping process design, tool tryout, part production and overall quality assurance.

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