Ensure Consistent Dimensional Accuracy with Robust Springback Compensation, February 28th

In this webinar, you will gain insights into the following key areas:

  • Understanding the prerequisites necessary for implementing tool compensation
  • Distinguishing “standard” and “robust” compensation principles
  • Learning the systematic approach to applying robust tool compensation techniques
  • Exploring the advantages derived from adopting this methodology

What to consider when compensating tools and validating the whole stamping process

Tool compensation has been and will always be one of the most complex and important tasks of the entire stamping process design. Its scope is twofold. Firstly, adapt the geometry of the tool(s) to counteract the springback effect of the sheet to ensure dimensional compliance. And secondly, obtain a perfect contact between sheet and tools to avoid restrike of the panel which may cause unwanted plastic deformation.

What parameters should be considered before starting to look for a compensation strategy and how do we rate the effectiveness of the strategy itself?

Join me in the upcoming webinar where we will delve into the principles of a robust compensation methodology. Discover answers to key questions as we explore how this methodology guarantees consistent dimensional part quality in both tryout and production conditions.

Who should join:

Tool & die managers, tool shop manager, process engineering team leaders, quality engineers and overall decision makers working in the sheet metal stamping process chain, from process engineering to tool tryout.

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Registration February 28, Session: 9:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
Registration February 28, Session: 16:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
*Central European Time (GMT +1:00)

Your Presenter:

Gianfranco Ruggiero, Senior Product Manager

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