Design with Confidence: Reduce Risk with Early Feasibility Analysis, March 13th


In this webinar, participants will acquire valuable insights into the following aspects:

  • Recognizing the significance of early feasibility analysis
  • Identifying the key stakeholders involved in the analysis process
  • Determining the optimal development phase to initiate feasibility analysis for maximum impact
  • Embracing best practices to efficiently conduct early feasibility analysis

The automotive industry is known for its demanding and ever-evolving design requirements. In the high-stakes world of automotive design, feasibility analysis plays a crucial role in ensuring success before a single part hits the production line. Early feasibility analysis is very important for reducing risk and cost, improving efficiency and time to market, and enhancing the safety and performance of the product. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to optimize the part design for cost, manufacturability, and performance using real-time parts.

Who should join:

Automotive design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and anyone interested in optimizing the automotive design process for sheet metal components.

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Registration March 13, Session: 9:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
Registration March 13, Session: 16:00* (Duration approx. 30 minutes)
*Central European Time (GMT +1:00)

Your Presenter:

Mayank Gupta, Product Manager

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