Schuler and AutoForm: Press Shop 4.0 through Smart Engineering

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Content of this video:

  • Two experts from Schuler and AutoForm share their companies’ vision, the motivation and the goals of connecting Smart Engineering and Smart Press Shop Production
  • How does Smart Engineering and Process Simulation Software help to achieve Press Shop 4.0?
  • What benefits can be achieved with the Smart Engineering approach to drive autonomous press shop operations? 
  • How do Schuler and AutoForm contribute to the achievement of these goals?

The future of the press shop is digital. It must be digital! If we want to get better in production, in other words, increase manufacturing outputs by producing at higher stroke rates, reducing scrap rates and decreasing press downtimes, if we want to be more sustainable and cost efficient while aiming at higher part quality, we have to further automatize and digitalize the manufacturing process.
Let’s assume this can be achieved by collecting meaningful data in the press shop and combine it with digital models and in-line process controls to predict and prevent production issues.
Is this possible or is it just a dream? What is needed to make it happen? Are we ready for it?
Together with our cooperation partner Schuler we will try to find answers to these questions and discuss where we stand today and what might be achievable in near future!
Don’t miss this opportunity and join in our discussion!

Your Presenters:

Gianfranco Ruggiero, Senior Product Manager, AutoForm (Left)
Dr. Robert Vollmer, Project Manager Automotive – Digital Solutions, Schuler Group (Middle)
Dr.  Jochen Hambrecht, Senior Business Consultant, AutoForm (Right)

Our experts, Gianfranco and Jochen, are open to inquiries on their LinkedIn accounts.