Digital Process Chain Integration

Seamless Integration of Cost Engineering Data in MES/PLM Systems

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Cost planning activities today are capable of generating highly mature and valuable part, cost and engineering data. Propagating and making this data available and transparent to colleagues, departments, and management brings benefits to everyone. PLM as well as ERP or MES solutions are widely used and are typically connected by common standard interfaces. Lossless and rapid automatic transfer of all data leads to the reduction of errors and to the avoidance of planning errors.

Access the webinar recording to learn about:

  • The importance of standard interfaces
  • Which typical use cases are covered by automated interface solutions?
  • What does this look like practically?
  • What potentials exist for my individual IT landscape?


  • AutoForm – Who we are and what we stand for
  • How to avoid communication errors during planning
  • Seamless integration in the planning phase
  • Real-life examples: Fully automated data exchange
  • Closing and Q&A

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Your Presenters:

  • Leonard Krauss, Product Manager
  • Alan Stimac, Senior Technical Product Manager

Leonard is also available for inquiries through LinkedIn.


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