How to Ensure Quality Along the Whole Stamping Process Chain

Design a Robust Manufacturing Process

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To generate an efficient production process which is capable of stamping a large number of parts on-time, in-quality and at minimum cost, is the ultimate goal of all stamping parts manufacturers. However, achieving this ultimate goal is not just a matter of the production plant only. To deliver superior outputs overall efficiency and quality must be planned since Day 0 – starting from Product Development through Process Engineering, Tool Manufacturing until Production.

Do standard quality approaches such as “PlanDoCheck (Re-) Act” deliver on this ultimate goal? Aren’t they too reactive? What if we could better predict and prevent problems instead of reacting on them?

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Use a systematic approach to prevent issues rather than fix them
  • Define the most appropriate prevention strategy rather than a solution to a problem
  • Design a robust manufacturing process that considers the variability of real-life process parameters

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